Point of Care Publications

About Us

Point of Care Publications is a new eBook publisher dedicated to medical and health education.

We are a family business modelled on the idea of social enterprise. By this we place a high value on achieving publishing and educational aims at low production cost. We are committed to return profits to health and education development. An early priority for us is to support the non-government, not-for-profit organisation, Lab Without Walls, which develops, demonstrates and deploys clinical support to needy centres in remote regions.

We want to reduce the time and effort of bringing medical and health education publications from the earliest notes to a finished eBook. Our production team combines experience of professional authorship, print-copy book production, digital authorship, editorial, design, coding for multiple platforms and electronic marketing. In summary: by authors, for authors.

That said, different ePublishing projects need different approaches. We have a range of business models to suit a wide range of medical and health education publishing, subject to a preliminary viability assessment. For further details, contact the commissioning editor. By eliminating many of the intermediate steps in print publishing we are able to make your book more affordable to your readers, increase your author royalty and give you better control of revision for subsequent editions.

We look forward to working with you on the medical or health education text book you’ve always wanted to publish.